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  • From: Kelsey Grant

  • Vancouver, BC

Kelsey Grant


Overcoming Infidelity, Embracing Forgiveness and Learning to Love Again.

Hi lovers, I’m Kelsey Grant, the founder of Radical Self Love and the creator of the 30 Day Radical Self Love Journey. All of my life I have been in search of the perfect love. Blame it on fairytales and make believe but I some how got it in my head that deep, fulfilling, enriching, soul captivating love was not only possible but my destiny. 

I deeply craved the type of union that opened me up, and was an exchange of two souls uniting in bliss. The type of relationship where all my needs would be flawlessly met, where he would always know what I needed and we would happily skip through life and breeze through the “challenges” with ease. 

I was desperate to share my life completely with someone not just my bed. 

I Knew What I Was Looking For 

A relationship where I felt:


  • Safe
  • Connected 
  • Honoured
  • Respected
  • Supported
  • Worthy
  • Valued
  • Loved



A relationship where we:


  • Would Laugh, Joke and Play
  • Have mind altering sex 
  • Be intimately connected on a soul level
  • Would both have our independence and share a healthy sense of interdependence
  • Would be taken care of emotionally



And a relationship where I could be certain, without a doubt, that no matter what, he would never leave. It was this one last condition which inevitably lead to the breakdown of my relationship success. More on that later.  

Getting What I Asked For And Not What I Expected

The universe is always conspiring in our favour, however most of us are not able to see how perfect our life circumstances actually are, especially when shit hits the fan. 

To make room for all the things I said I wanted I would have to change. The type of person who could fulfill on my intentions could only appear when I was an energetic match. 

Energetic Matching 

Everything is energy, our desires and intentions hold a certain energy about them. The reason why most people don’t ever achieve their intentions is because they don’t do the work INTERNALLY to calibrate to the energetic frequency of their desire. 

A love filled union holds a very different energy frequency than a drama filled one. 

How we can tell? 

The drama filled relationship feels gross, it makes our skin crawl, it makes us feel claustrophobic, it leaves us feeling shitty about ourselves, our lives and cuts us off from being aware of what we are capable of.

The love filled union feels expansive, it feels free, it feels open, bursting with energy, life force and positivity. It leaves us feeling empowered, connected and truly present to the unlimited potential we ALL have. It creates the space for our unlimited potential to take form and for our dreams to come to life. 

Unexpected Twists of Life

To actually be in alignment with what I said I wanted, I had to go through a “shedding of skin”. A phase where old, outdated and ineffective behaviours, patterns, habits and emotions had to be shed.
Pain isn’t a requirement of growth but for most humans it is the most effective way we learn. 

For me to be able to set myself on the path to romantic alignment and partnership bliss I knew somethings would have to change, I didn’t know how much until my partner


Cheated and He Left 


I was devastated I was left with the rage of betrayal, the confusion of an ending not explained, the hollow feeling of not being enough and the intense sadness of not being worthy of my desires. 

I thought this was the man I was going to spend the rest of my life with. I wasn’t prepared for this breakup and I certainly didn’t think it was necessary. 

I was angry, I was upset and most of all I was deeply pained by feeling I had mislead myself and wasted time with someone who was a liar, cheater and a selfish manipulator. 

I felt like shit. 

I cried, I hid away and felt into it all.

For once I gave myself permission to feel.


I had never allowed myself to feel into the deep sadness of betrayal and get well acquainted with my pain. To be honest, my darkness scared me. I felt it was a strong force and a slippery slope into a place I didn’t want to be. So I would suppress my feelings, hide my truth, put on a brave face and never show the world anything could shake me never mind break me.

This whole “feeling” thing was new to me and it was intense. There was something different about the intensity though. No matter how intense my emotions became, no matter how crazy my imagination ran, no matter how many tears poured out there was one consistent message.

Every time I allowed myself to feel and be real about my current circumstances I would hear very gently, 


         “What if you could love it all?”


What if you could love all of his imperfections, all of your imperfections, all of his mistakes, all of your mistakes. What if you were able to access the strength within you to FORGIVE? Every time this dialogue would run through my mind I became more willing to listen and consider it. What IF I actually was able to love it all, what IF I was actually capable of accepting the reality of my present circumstances, what IF I was able to forgive the biggest betrayal I had ever experienced. What if I was able to love it all? 

To Love it ALL I Had To Learn To Love ALL Of ME 

Radical Real Talk

Lets get real here lovers, as much as we truly want to believe we love and accept ourselves fully,  the reality is most of us don’t. Most often the reason is because we have not been taught HOW. Before we can explain how to love ourselves, we must understand how we have been set up to NOT love ourselves. 

We live in a world that is constantly telling you that you are NOT good enough, you need to change, you aren’t perfect just the way you are, and to be accepted you must be prettier, thinner, smarter, sexier…and the list goes on and on. 

The weight of these constant messages eventually seeps into our unconscious minds and begins to sneakily program and drive our day to day behaviour. 


The Role of Subconscious Sabotage 


We do live in a beautiful world, with beautiful people and abundant unlimited possibility. Here is the catch, we can not have one end of the spectrum without the complete opposite also being true. Meaning while everyone is capable of kindness, excellence and love they are also capable of cruelty, mediocrity and fear. 


The world as we know it is largely based upon the foundation of a fear based consciousness. 


Energetically speaking when someone is resonating in the energy of fear they are much easier to control and manipulate. This is the ideal energy for advertising. Millions upon millions of dollars are spent each year pumping advertising out to the masses to load up the subconscious mind with messages of lack, fear and control. 

How it works: 

First step is to increase the buyers energy. This means they heighten your senses with feel good emotions, bright colours and sort term excitement. This opens the subconscious mind, preparing it for the installation of the “marketing message” which is often based on fear or lack. 

Then the main message of the advertising is released which generally plays on human fears of not being good enough, not being accepted and not having enough. The messages are often subtle but if you watch through the lens of awareness it’s easy to spot. 


Then, the offer of salvation. Once your subconscious mind is open, you are feeling hopeless and pretty shitty, the product advertised offers salvation. It gives you hope. This hope is what fuels the sale.

To ensure the sale is made two essential ingredients are required: 


  • Consistency
  • Repetition 



When we hear things enough times we begin to believe them. Hence commercials and advertising being played over, and over and over. Inevitably this leads to a sale maybe not right away, but at sale at some point. 

When you buy the product there is a chemical reaction in your brain and you release dopamine- a feel good chemical. Which creates the unconscious association that buying things (often the specific product) makes you happy. It makes you feel good. It also cue’s you to seek out that exact same form of pleasure over and over again. Do you see how this might be very beneficial for a company’s profit margin?

If you were being sold a product with integrity and it is actually for your highest good this is a whole different conversation. The truth is many products on the market aren’t for your highest good or for the highest good of the planet. 

The more we are fed these unconscious messages of fear and lack the more we begin to think that life is something to be feared, there is never enough, there isn’t enough for everyone, that you are not enough just the way you are. 

What does product marketing have to do with success in love and relationships?

The programming in our subconscious mind is not limited to buying products and services. Once those messages of lack and limitation are in there they begin to reek havoc in other areas of our lives. 

If the dominant unconscious belief is that you are not good enough and you hold general insecurity about your value, worth and basic safety, this filters into all areas of life. Meaning these unconscious beliefs begin to dominate our behaviour in relationships. 

The more we “believe” our fear and insecurities the more we act in ways to reinforce being right about living in a lack filled world. 

When we think we aren’t good enough in love we come from a place of desperation, needing “security” and needing our partners to constantly supply us with that feel good “hit” of false security and happiness. Anything that comes from outside of ourselves has a very short shelf life.

As first this behavioural pattern takes the form of focusing on doing things we think will make our partner stay or make us more desirable than all of the other options they have to choose from, such as:


  • Excessively investing into clothes, hair and makeup 
  • Becoming obsessed with our bodies and needing to be the fittest/thinnest/most beautiful
  • Making ourselves overly available, giving up our friends, family and areas of interest
  • Beginning to cater to their likes and wants while giving up ours
  • Changing our lives to accommodate theirs 
  • Keeping our opinions to ourselves and constantly agreeing with their perspectives on life
  • And giving up what makes us strong, confident and attractive (energetically) in the first place




The more of ourselves we give up, the more out of alignment we become with ourselves, our lives and our relationship.
This disharmony begins laying the sneaky foundation for major relationship breakdown. The impact of not listening and honouring our truth and giving up who we are, to make someone else happy shows up as: 



  • Irritability
  • Combativeness
  • Passive aggressive communication and behaviour
  • Shutting down
  • Shutting off
  • Being overly emotional and sensitive 
  • Loosing all sense of reality and rational thought
  • Clinginess
  • Neediness
  • Jealousy
  • Insecurity
  • Feelings of panic/ anxiety 
  • Unable to distinguish what actually happened versus our interpretation of what happened
  • Confusion
  • Lack of trust
  • Projecting our fears onto the behaviour of others
  • Taking everything personally


All of these behavioural patterns are the feeding and breeding grounds for our ego’s, who thrive on drama, pain and fear.

When we let the functions of the ego take over and run our relationships they inevitably fail. 


    The Ego Vs Love


The ego’s main objective is to keep you safe inside the veil of illusion. In other words “safe” in the house of fear. 


Most people never make it out of this fear house. They remain stuck in these unconscious cycles and patterns of behaviour that serve to push the people we love away and push the love we crave far far far out of our reach. 


I have a sense since you are here reading this you are one of the few who may actually break free of this debilitating cycle and truly expand into the freedom real love provides. 


Your Birthright

It is the birthright of every single person on this planet to be in love, be in bliss and live a life that truly embodies their dreams.
The only way we can truly claim this birthright is to choose love over fear.


Often we must experience the pain of fear, the hollowness of loneliness and the devastation of betrayal to wake up from the confinement of the ego-ic illusion of fear. When the pain is strong enough we break free.
This phase is essential to human evolution

Why Pain Can Be Our Most Valuable Teacher.

To truly understand pain, leads us to a deep knowingness of compassion. Without compassion there is no room for love, forgiveness and possibility- all essential components of a “on purpose” relationship. 

When you have experienced the devastation of heartache, or the gut wrenching pain of betrayal or the loneliness of being alone, you gain two very valuable pieces of insight. 


  • First by experiencing that which you don't want you are now clear on what you do want. 
  • Secondly you have opened yourself up to become a beacon of light, love and possibility if you allow your experience to build you for the better. 
  • When you make the choice to allow your pain to built you into a greater version of yourself you become a powerful attractor of love’s pure energy. 


Pain also gives us the powerful ability to relate and understand another persons suffering. When we are able to relate to another human in this capacity a miracle occurs. We open, we see ourselves in them, we become deeply present and aware of their humanness and our own. In this sacred moment we gain access to our inner power by realizing we can either be a contributing force to someones pain and suffering or to their bliss and freedom. It is in this awareness of our oneness with each other the world softens and love’s peaceful energy beams into the consciousness just a little bit more. 

Unless we know what darkness is we can never truly know light. Our painful life experiences teach us the depths and darkness of our being. Going back to the universal law that we can’t have one extreme without the other- you can’t have intense darkness within you and not also have the exact opposite energy of light and potential within you as well. 

Knowing what we don’t want is incredibly valuable. It teaches us, through contrast, what we actually do want.

It is these deeply painful and challenging times that lead us to a profound understanding of what we deserve, what we are worthy of, what we want, what we need AND they lead us to access the courage, inner strength and gumption it takes to make our dreams a reality. 

When we get to our breaking point, our pain threshold or our “enough is enough” limit- that is when the changes begin. 

The Big Breakdown

There often is a catalyzing moment that forever changes our life as we know it. It is usually disguised as our biggest breakdown. 


Sickness, loss and betrayal are among the common themes of these breakdowns, however their divine purpose is great. They always serve as agents for positive change, we just have to see it that way. 

Your pain will either break you or it will build you. The choice is yours.


If we give up our power and expect someone else to swoop in and magically fix our lives for us we will be waiting for the rest of our lives. The only one who is capable of changing your life is YOU. You are the one you have been waiting for. Once you begin to love who YOU are, then you are fully deserving and ready to attract the love you want.


You are only given that which you are capable of handling.


Honestly, lets get real here. This one phrase alone really drives people nuts when they are going through something painful. When people told me this while I was going through the aftermath of a soul wrenching breakup and the deepest heartache, emptiness and pain I had ever had experienced- I thought it was complete B.S.

At the time I didn’t feel like I could handle my experience- there were some days I could barely breathe or get out of bed- never mind “handle” it. I didn’t understand because I was seeing my life and my circumstances through the lens of my pain, not only the pain of the breakup but the pain of all the unprocessed and suppressed pain of my past which had been somehow unlocked.


Before I could truly understand why it was happening and how I was somehow capable of “handling” it, I had to raise my vibes. I had to heal, I had to deal with the depth of suppressed emotional junk I had stored up around my heart.
I had to seek out the lesson of my suffering.


I am a spiritual person. I have done my fare share of meditation, metaphysical training and spiritual exploration to know that the answers I was so desperately seeking could only be answered from within. This was a tough one to get through though. 


The illusion of the ego is a trickster, I would get caught in mind loops of “needing” to know information that would cause me to suffer even more, like: Who was he with, what was he doing, why we couldn’t work it out, why was she better, what did she have that I didn’t, what did I do, what didn’t I do, desperately wanting another chance to “prove” my worthiness. Then my imagination would take over and make up all kinds of wild answers to my questions and weave together a elaborate false story, causing me to panic and dive deeper into despair. 


One morning I caught myself doing this. I noticed it and I realized all of those questions, fantasies and false creations of reality served a very important purpose to my ego. They were the ultimate distraction. 


If I was consumed by despair, trapped in this world of making up my own version of reality, and attaching disempowered meanings to what had happened, it would keep me far away from dealing with what was actually there to deal with. It was taking me away from the chance to heal a deep emotional wound I had going on inside.

The Ah-Ha Moment



When I had this brief moment of clarity and relief, I sat myself down into a meditation and asked my higher self this one life changing question:


“What would you have me learn. I trust this is all happening for my highest good, I don’t know why and that is ok. I surrender my pain and suffering to be used for a greater purpose. What would you have me learn and what would you have me do?”


Most days as I sat in meditation and asked this same question, tears would be streaming down my face, and I just let them be. I allowed my tears to cleanse me and create space for the answers that would come. Everyday as soon as I asked the question, the answer would come. All I had to do was be still and silent and allow the wisdom in. 


What My Higher Self Was Guiding Me Towards



  • Understanding the conditions and ways in which I contributed to the breakup, and how these functions were rooted deep in my past
  • Seeing my dysfunctional behaviour without judgement
  • Notice my disempowering habitual patterns 
  • To show me where I was out of alignment with what I wanted and how to get into harmony with my desires
  • Who I had to forgive
  • How I was supposed to forgive
  • What my body, mind, heart and spirit required to heal and recover
  • To authentically and vulnerably connect with my community
  • Learn to ask for support
  • Allow myself to be taken care of and receive help from others
  • Learning how to nurture myself
  • How to release toxic energy
  • Facing my truth and speaking it again
  • Clear out my mind and body temple
  • Learn acceptance
  • Understand patience
  • Compassion
  • How to love myself and forever fill myself up with love’s healing energy
  • Regaining my confidence
  • Regaining my self respect
  • Declaring my self worth
  • Establishing my true value
  • Setting healthy and respectful boundaries
  • How to let love lead and profound understanding of unconditional love




Setting Out on a Journey of Self Exploration, Healing and Radical Self Love


Upon this guidance of my higher self I set out on a journey of healing, surrender and self love. I didn’t know what would come of it, or how it would look, but I trusted it was exactly what I needed to heal my heart and move forward.

I made a promise to myself for 30 Days I would:


  • Not date anyone (I had a habit of relationship jumping to avoid pain)
  • Not having random sex (I used hookups and sex partners as a way to stay distracted in the past)
  • Not have any sex period (I wanted to clear my energy and reconnect to myself)
  • Meditate
  • Journal
  • Give myself permission to feel ALL of it
  • And for 30 Days I would practice authentic gratitude for my former partner





Gratitude for the person for the person who betrayed you, who hurt you and left you with zero reason why? “Hell-to-the-no” were my initial thoughts when my inner guide gave me this “mission”. 


My ego flared. It came up with all sorts of rebuttals such as:


“There is absolutely no way you can love him after what he has done, never mind be grateful for him”


“Absolutely not” 

“I’m not a pushover”

“He needs to pay”

“Hurt him”

“Make them all pay”

“Destroy him”

“Make him regret what he has done”

“Punish him”

“Don’t give him love he does not deserve it!!!”

As soon as I heard those words cross my mind I understood why I was being guided to do this. I had so much anger inside, yet I was preaching the gospel of love. I was inconsistent. This love-less dialogue spewing out of my mind and the heartless and hate filled wishes I was sending his way were highly toxic and residing in my body and my energy. Realizing this, I was lead to some profound clarity and what one might call an Awakening”.


The Freedom of Clarity


I knew if I acted on the vengeful guidance of my ego I would be acting no better than him and I would be completely out of integrity with who I knew myself to be. I also realized:



  1. I would be doing the same thing to him just in a different way. 
  2. I would be using my pain as an excuse and reason to consciously cause another person pain
  3. If this was the man I said I loved only a few days ago, why would I wish him harm? Yes, what he did wasn’t ok but I knew from all my years of coaching and personal development that onlyhurt people hurt people. 
  4. If he was capable of choosing better and more conscious actions he would have because when we know better we do better. 
  5. He was suffering in a BIG time way and had NO outlet or avenue to effectively deal with his pain and internal suffering and so he unconsciously took the actions he did.



Knowing all of this, the real question really was, 

“Kelsey, will you compound the suffering and add unto the pain this person you loved is experiencing, by inflicting harm, pain and hatred onto him? Or will you be the messenger of love that you are?”

I knew if I chose the path of love I would forever open the door to a new kind of life. A life forever changed by the power of kindness, a life bursting with possibility and abundance because it had been built on the foundational energy of LOVE.


When people hurt each other they often do so unconsciously, in the sense that they KNOW better but something within them feels stronger than their willpower or strength. This “power” takes over and they find themselves feeling powerless, at the helm of a shit load of bad choices and facing the aftermath of those choices. 

I started to realize how deeply upsetting and challenging it would be to feel like my life was out of my control and that my actions and desires were overpowered by a force outside of myself. 

I could relate to this because I DID know. 

Years before, I too had experienced this exact feeling. I felt like my life was spinning out of my control, I had a HUGE loss of power.

I had transformed my life and I knew he could too.

I began to see how by choosing love I could truly open the space and opportunity for him to heal and resolve his toxic behaviour of lying, cheating and deception simply by holding the space of positivity and love. 

I also knew that by extending this kindness and love his way it would heal me too. 

To accomplish this I would have to become a greater version of who I knew myself to be. I would have to make choices that were majorly different from the behaviour of my past, I would have to deal with my pain, I would have to let go of my past, I would have to heal myself from the inside out. 

I would have to be an example of unconditional love in action.

This awareness and awakening by no means erased my pain, my anger or the feelings of betrayal. They were still there. Healing is a process after all. What was different was that, 

I had found something I cared more about than the pain I was feeling.

My desire to be a example of love in the world out weighed the desire for revenge or vengeance. My compassion and understanding of his pain allowed me to make a choice that would forever change my life, and his, for the better. 

If I wanted the type of relationship and love I said I did I would have to be an example of it right now, in the present moment, within these challenging circumstances, to the best of my ability. 

I knew with what I was having to process I wasn’t able, ready or willing to forgive and to be perfectly honest I didn’t know how. I still had work to do on ME. 

So I did what I was capable of moment to moment, day by day. I sent love, I sent blessings and I consciously wrote down a note of gratitude for him and our relationship for 30 days straight. 

This gratitude practice was the opening for my Radical Self Love healing and inspiration for developing my 30 Day Self Loving Journey.

To attract the love I wanted, I had to give up some things. I Had to Sacrifice. 

In this sense the meaning of sacrifice meant to give up something of a lower nature in exchange for something of a higher nature. 

My dream love and relationship was completely possible and my access point to creating and attracting it was SELF LOVE.

As I began to put myself first and design a self love routine to nourish my body, mind and spirit I began seeing massive shifts in my life and in my relationships. I was more clear on my needs, my wants and my desires and I began acting in a way to honour those desires. 

My communication with my former partner began to open up and we started speaking with each other once again. A brand new life had been breathed into me. 

Because I had made the shift to focus on my healing and my journey I had taken the pressure off of him to “fix” the relationship and I had also removed the negative charge around the breakup- which was a very attractive energy I was now sending out into the Universe. 

Slowly but surely I took ownership over my feelings, my experiences and the weight of my past. I took actions to trigger my brain into seeking out the good, acknowledging my accomplishments and to open up energetically and let love in. 

The more committed to my self love journey I became the less and less I “needed” a relationship to feel complete. I had set myself free. Inside this freedom is where my greatest love came into being. 

As soon as I didn't need it, the relationship I had spent my entire life dreaming about manifested. 


After a few months of introspection and commitment to my self love journey I had created the necessary opening for the relationship to come into form. I had done the work on myself to be able to truly hold the space of love and brought a new calm, peaceful and loving energy to life. All the work I had done had prepared me for what would come next…

My former partner and I re-united. 


But before the deal was sealed something incredible happened.

He told me the truth. The entire truth. 



While this may not seem like a huge deal to some, I knew just how major this actually was. In the space of my self love, he had done the work to find his courage, to find himself and to do something he had NEVER done before, tell the whole truth. A truth that made him incredibly vulnerable and put him in a position to be rejected. Inside of his sacred share, I was baffled, in shock and to be perfectly honest incredibly upset. The truth wasn’t pretty. It was my worst nightmare come true.
But something was different in me. Instead of shutting down emotionally and cutting him from my life I heard that familiar voice of my higher self speaking loud and clear: 


“Kelsey, you have two choices with how you handle this situation. One will lead you back into the familiar territory of battle and separation, the other will lead you to an experience of fulfillment and bliss beyond what you can even image. You can react from fear, the way you always have or you can respond from love and be the living example of all you have learned and cultivated inside this self love journey. The choice is yours. You know where the path of reacting takes you. You do not know where the path of responding from love will take you. Love will require taking a leap of faith, trusting and stepping into the unknown. The choice is yours it always has been”.

I chose the path of Love. 


I chose the path of forgiveness. 


Through my foundation of Radical Self Love I gave myself the chance to create the love and the relationship I had always dreamed of. The time we spent apart we both used to heal ourselves in our own ways. 


Inside of this new beginning existed a new foundation of honesty, integrity, forgiveness and unconditional love.

What began as a very personal and introspective journey transformed into this beautiful 30 Day Radical Self Love Journey. 


My foundation of self love allows me to show up for my relationship 100%. It provides me with the awareness to address challenges we face from a space of consciousness and kindness and it ensures I love and accept myself fully so I can extend this unconditional love and acceptance out into the world.

While everyone’s experience is different and my journey is unique to me, I know full heartedly that anyone who dives in and starts laying the foundation of self care, self love and personal empowerment will flourish in love and in life.
When love is running the show ALL things are possible. 


What is included in your 30 Day Self Love Journey

The 30 Day Radical Self Love Journey is designed to support you in creating a simple foundational practice of learning to put yourself first, nourishing your soul and taking actions in alignment with your true desires. 


Each day is set up in an easy to follow daily format in which you begin to build the muscle of:


 Giving a couple small self love gifts to yourself in the morning to start your day off on the highest vibe possible

Embracing a new daily affirmation each morning to support you in keeping the self talk positive

A self love daily action to train the body to be receptive and open to love and connection

And a daily self love recap to keep focused on your accomplishments and present to all the positive progress you are always making.

The 30 Day Journey also guides you to enjoy four Sacred Self Love Dates. These “dates” embrace the gloriousness and bliss that taking a little extra time for you brings into your life. In these dates you are guided through a heart opening journalling exercise to reflect on your wins, get clear on your desires, clear out anything that is no longer serving you and set yourself up for another week of success.

You are lovingly guided each step of the way. 

The path of self love is an every expanding and evolving journey. To truly see success we must start small and take tangible and achievable steps. It is when we take these small steps, we begin to build our confidence, sense of self worth and understanding of self value, up to an all time high. 

When we are vibin in our authentic truth, our delicious confidence and the magnetic power of our self worth and self value we become the ultimate magnet for the love we want. The 30 Day Journey is designed to take you there. 

The 30 Day RSL Journey is for the woman who is:


  • Brilliant, wise and know’s she is capable of greatness
  • Ready to claim her true power 
  • Willing and ready to be in a relationship that is worthy of her brilliance
  • Aware that self care and a positive healthy relationship to self, is essential to living a fabulous high vibing life and having the relationships her heart desires
  • Willing to do whatever it takes to make the commitment
  • Knows the best investment she can ever make is into her own growth and expansion, and knows she is WORTH it. 
  • Ready to have a mad, passionate and soul fulfilling love affair with her life right now and for the rest of her days

Now it is time to tune into that beautiful, honest and powerful internal guide of yours and get radically real. 

Ask yourself: “Is this program for me?”
If the answer is “no”, my wish for you is abundant blessings and gratitude for sharing this moment of your life with me today.


If the answer is “yes”, my wish for you is abundant blessings and gratitude for sharing this moment of your life with me today. 


    The 30 Radical Self Love Journey

              Introductory Offer $33 






I am so incredibly excited to set out on this journey of self exploration and self love with you.

Who YOU are is such a blessing and gift to the world. I am honoured to be a messenger of love’s divinity along side with you.

Thank YOU for all you do to make this world a better, more love filled place, through your be-ing. 

You are appreciated.

You are seen.

You are enough.

You are loved. 

So so very loved.



Here's exactly what you'll get from the 30 Day RSL Program.

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Thanks Lovers,
Kelsey Grant