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I know what it’s like to be approaching my 30’s, single, smart, ambitious and outright terrified because I was “alone”. I know what it is like to have chosen the path of education, pursuit of a dream career/life and personal growth in my early 20‘s, instead of having a relationship. Or at least a functional fulfilling one.

My choice lead me through the journey of personal transformation and learning myself in various areas of life. It also meant I jumped from relationship to relationship or experienced being single for long periods of time.By the time I got to 30 I on many levels had felt like I had failed because I didn’t have “the relationship” the “love of my life”. This was the one thing I wanted most but was far to afraid to ever fully admit.


For the majority of my teenage and early adult life I was living a big fat lie. I had a really great life from the outside looking in. I got really good at projecting an image of high self confidence but inside, the truth, my self esteem was in the toilet. I often experienced feeling really low, unworthy, unloveable, insignificant, I was a master of internal emotional punishment AND I covered it up. This massive cover up and low self self esteem lead me to use my feminine and sexual energies to get attention (and not the good kind), attract majorly dysfunctional relationships and to continue to strengthen my false sense of self worth.

The Wake Up Call

At the age of 24 I “woke up”. I knew I wanted a better life and something inside me was deeply wanting to be expressed. I now know this to be my heart’s calling, the expression of my authentic self. So I left my relationship, went traveling solo across the world and returned home to immerse myself into the world of personal growth, personal development and coaching. After a year long intensive training I was ready to step into my calling.


I ran my own coaching practice for 4.5 years doing every type of personal coaching under the sun and experimenting with different styles, learning alternative modalities and skills I came to the very clear conclusion. There are two things I get incredibly fired up about. The first one being love, more specifically love of self and secondly relationships.

The Theme of My Life

My entire life has been focused around relationships and how to get the love you want. As I’ve grown and shifted my ideas of what I wanted evolved as I did. The person I have grown into has given me access to learning, experimenting and through direct experience understand that which I was searching for in a relationship.


When I found it I thought that was it. I was done. That area of my life was complete. There was one catch though. I hadn’t yet learned how to really love myself. So the relationship ended. The universe works in mysteriously incredible ways. The breakup was exactly what I needed to actually for once look at my relationship to myself and understand I was at cause for all I was experiencing. I finally had to take a real look at my self confidence, self esteem, self worth and self love.


Through my journey of self love I was able to repair relationships of all kinds in my life, build my self esteem and self worth to levels they had never been before and ultimately begin to be the love I had be so intensely searching for in another. Once I was able to build this relationship with myself my love life flourished along with all the other areas of my life.

Radical Self Love Kelsey Grant


Because I was in love with me, nourishing my health was at an all time high. I was making great money, opportunities for growth and expansion of my music and company were appearing, my family life was harmonious, my connection to spirit was clear and only though my love of self was I able to bring in the love I had always wanted. This time though I wasn’t relying on my partner for my sense of self worth. I didn’t need him to give me value, I wasn’t relying on him to fulfill me- because I was finally generating all I needed from within.

This provided great space in our relationship and allowed us to rebuild on the foundation of honesty, integrity, truth and love.

I know I was given this journey for a reason and I believe it is completely selfish of me to keep this wisdom to myself. I know so many women (men too) who are deeply desiring to be in a loving, committed relationship with a partner who sees their worth and co-creates a partnership in the spirit of bliss, love and purpose. I have this story to help those who are in that same place. The people who know great love is possible and are totally in their own way. The people who are in need of a radical self love boost, a makeover on the self esteem and growth of the self value and worth. We must love to learn ourselves before we can truly show up and love another unconditionally.

I know happily ever afters are possible. I’m living mine and I am here to help you create yours.

The key to this work is awarenessdedicationpersistencecompassion and a desire to be better and be an example of transformation in the world.


This nature of this work is highly personal, spiritually intimate and a great honor. For these reasons I take it very seriously. To do this type of work takes great commitment on both sides. I am here to create the safest space for you to feel comfortable enough to do to the depths of your being to rework and rewire your beliefs and behavior around love, relationships and self love. This work can be very intense and incredibly fun. I am only able to exchange this type of energy with a few people at a time due to its deep energetic and powerful nature. This is also the reason I only offer two 1-1 coaching options:

1-1 RSL Coaching Options

  1. Hourly sessions
  2. 5 Pack of 30 Minute Sessions
  3. 10 Pack of 30 Minute Sessions
  4. Breakup To Breakthrough 
  5. Solopreneur Starter Kit

I believe deep down most people know exactly what they need to move through an obstacle or habitat pattern of disempowering behaviour when it comes to love, relationships and self-love. Which is why I have opened up the options for 1-1 coaching. It enables people to step into their power by fully claiming what they most need in the moment to move towards their greatness and fulfillment.

There are a lot of people out there who are interested in changing but not committed. My coaching offerings ensure I am responsible for enabling committed behavior- the only thing that gets results. To work with people 1-1 who are only interested in changing is of no interest to me what so ever. There are plenty of coaches and programs out there who will take on this level. I am not one of them. To work with people who are committed honours the gift I’ve been blessed with and is a respectful use of your investment.


If this is you, I look forward to connecting with you very soon!