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About Group Coaching


How it works:


1. You submit your information for a pre-registration call/intake. In this 20 minute call I will happily answer any questions you have and we can discuss what specifically you would like to get out of joining the class.


2. Three days before the coaching call takes place you will be emailed your module. Within the module contains the workbook and the link for the upcoming call.


3. Each call is 75 minutes in length, the perfect amount of time to debrief the module and for every woman on the call to receive the direct 1-1 coaching she requires.


4. Following the coaching call you will receive another email with your follow up love assignment and link to download the audio of the coaching call you just finished. If you missed the call or want to replay you have the mp4 to do so. The love assignment is the practical application of the module that anchors in the fundamental aspects you uncovered in the workbook and coaching call.


5. For each course every woman also receives a 45 minute private breakthrough session with me. You have the three months of the course to use your 1-1 call.


6. Each woman who participates in the curriculum will gain access to a private Facebook group. This group serves as a sacred space to request coaching or support in-between calls, share wins, share inspiration and submit your love assignments.


7. To move forward in the Year of Love curriculum you must complete the pre-requisite content of Self-Love 101 (either as a self-study or in a group class)


8. All coaching groups are limited to 10 women. This keeps things intimate and allows me the direct connection with you so you are fully supported along your journey of inner awareness, confidence, self expression and love.