Kelsey Grant | Contribution



Giving back rocks.


I am really keen on harmonizing with the Universal energies as best as
I can. One of my top values within this company is contribution. Contribution is twofold.


First aspect of contribution:


I do my very best to provide regular, free and high-quality content in the form of information products, tools and resources.


The second aspect of my contribution is simple.


I believe in tithing and its transformational value.


Tithing is simply giving away a portion of my company’s total proceeds to keep the flow of positivity, love and abundance alive and healthy. I have become quite fond of experiencing the power and inspirational influence of giving back in the moment and within my current community.

Which is why I donate 11% of my company’s entire profits to a program we have designed called The Karma Cup Initiative.


This is our way to give back.


This means any time you participate in the flow via purchasing a coaching program, a live event, an online course or any of our love based products you too are contributing to making this world a better place. Gratitude to you and gratitude to all the organizations out there making a positive difference!


Proceeds from ONLINE COURSES, ONLINE BOOKS, COACHING PACKAGES all support our Karma Cup Initiative.


Karma Cup


The premise is simple, to give back, in the moment and cause massive ripples of love RIGHT NOW.


When I rebranded my coaching company a few years back I started out by tithing to certain organizations which I was really fond of. Giving in this capacity is wonderful and my choice to switch gears by no means is a reflection of the epic work these organizations do.


It did get me to thinking though, why wasn’t I just as concerned with the everyday ripples of love and contribution in my community? Everyone deserves love, compassion and a little gift from the Universe. And so this new initiative was born.


It’s simple.


1. 11% of any income that comes into the company on a daily basis is put into an account.


2. Each week, the amount of money in the account goes towards buying what we call Karma Cup Cards.


We go and purchase a gift card from any local coffee shop we feel inspired to visit.


After loading the card with our tithing funds, we simply give the card back to the cashier and say:


“Please use this card to buy anyone a coffee, lunch, breakfast who you get a sense could use a little brightness and love to their day. You and your colleagues are free to choose whomever you like and extra bonus points for giving this gift to someone who is challenging, crunchy or really difficult, for it is in these times that we need love the most and you can become the causal point for their return back to a happier mindset.”


That’s it. Simple. Easy. Real-Time Ripples of Love