Kelsey Grant | Couple’s Coaching

A Little Snapshot Into What We Will Cover


When I work with couples I tailor their program towards the issues that come up in the intake, which we completed tonight. As a basic premise, I will take a look at each of your primary personality types and the egoic behaviours these personality types gravitate towards in time of stress. It is important that each partner understand basics of their partners personality type as well as their dominant stress style.


From there I will provide each of you with specific tools to navigate each other’s stress styles and ways in which you both can relate to each other that will provide a greater experience of harmony and rapport. The depths to which we can go into all this material is dependent on the amount of time we have with one another. It is important to me that if you go with the basic package you have the nuts and bolts to unlock the potential within your relationship and navigate away from high stress scenarios and gravitate towards creating more harmony, balance and understanding within your partnership.


In each package, we will dive into hidden belief systems that often sabotage our happiness in love and avenues to reprogram those beliefs. We will also be very focused in building the bridge between you two, exploring the ways men and women process information differently, how to navigate the feminine effectively, how to navigate the masculine effectively and most importantly creating the space for love, compassion, forgiveness, understanding and happiness to emerge once again in your relationship.


I will also draw the link between your individual self-images, levels of self-esteem and the practice of self-care to the results that are showing up in your relationship. I will support you both in ensuring your own self-care is at an all time high and work through any self-confidence “stuff” that is blocking your capacity to truly connect with one another.


If any forgiveness work is required (which it usually is) we will navigate these waters with grace, respect and great awareness. Finding resolution and completion with the weight of the past is often where most couples find a massive opening of flow and the reconnection becomes natural when the past has been acknowledged, accepted and integrated. I do not believe in irradicating the darkness or getting rid of pain from the past. I am keen on integrating these experiences from a place of awareness, compassion, love and complete self-acceptance- otherwise known as your personal power.


Again the levels of “unpacking” and re-creating depends on our time together. I will be giving you exercises to practice after each session which anchor in the themes covered in each of our sessions.


All sessions are done over a video conferencing platform in which I will be recording them for your future reference. If you do choose a package with solo sessions and couple sessions I will not share your private sessions with your partner and vice versa. If you choose to share them with one another that is up to you completely.


I offer three packages all with a three month minimum. The initial sweet spot of radical self-love transformation begins at the 3 month mark and it takes approximately three months of solid practice and integration to see obvious shifts in a partnership. All couples packages are designed with this awareness in mind.


Each package includes the initial intake session ($111) and two individual personality test assessments ($222).