Kelsey Grant | Group Coaching

Group Coaching For Women

In my six year coaching practice have found that women tend to thrive when they are in community. Taking this awareness I have designed a year long, comprehensive program called A Year of Love

In the course curriculum we cover the four main areas that trip us up when it comes to attracting, cultivating and maintaining love within ourselves and within all of our relationships- especially the romantic variety.

In the pre-requisite content we cover the foundations for establishing an amazing relationship with your sense of self-confidence, self-worth and self-esteem through the exploration of self-love fundamentals.


A Year of Love


This is a year long curriculum that takes a small group of women through 5 different fundamental areas for thriving relationships and deepening their fulfillment in their lives.


Pre-Requisite: Self-Love 101: Finding the love you want by finding the love within. 


This pre-requiste content assists each woman in establishing a really healthy relationship with herself as a pre-req for a healthy relationship with another. In the 12 Self-Love foundations you are guided through a process of self-realization and easily digestible growth and expansion.

This content can either be completed as a self-study (included in your course deposit) or can be completed in a group class (offered once or twice a year).

The Curriculum


The year long program is divided up into four main areas of study and growth. Each of these areas is an essential piece in our development of healthy relationships and a life that is unbound by limitation and fuelled by love.


In addition to the weekly modules and weekly group coaching calls, each woman receives four 1-1 coaching sessions (one per quarter) and access to two live mini workshop-retreats (1st one @ 6months, 2nd one @ 12 months) in Vancouver BC. If you are unable to attend the workshop weekend all course material/recordings will be provided virtually.


Quarter 1: Love Mindset


In this quarter we dive into the mechanics of developing an effective mindset for love and a vibrant life. By balancing out the psychological and the spiritual, in these 12 weeks we explore the psychological processes for breaking bad habits, establishing healthy habits, unhooking from excuses, reprogramming limiting beliefs and understanding our deepest triggers and how to transcend them. We also explore the spiritual processes for understanding your unique life path, embracing your emotional and energetic nature, spiritual alchemy, archetypal influences and the foundations for effective forgiveness and integration.

Quarter 2: Understanding and Making Sense of Men.


During these 12 weeks we unpack the ways in which to integrate our own sacred masculine elements (boundaries, clarity, structure) and the essential aspects to generating relationships with men that actually work. Elements you don’t know you don’t know about men in relation to how they operate, communicate and function that if you did would forever change the way you look at and relate to men in the most extraordinary way.


Quarter 3: Embracing Your Feminine Essence and Opening To Receptivity


During these 12 weeks we dive further into the nature of the divine feminine and ways to integrate our feminine energy in positive and expansive capacities. We cover extensively the relationship to receptivity and intuition. We uncover avenues to become more radiant, open, creative and expansive while maintaining the delicate balance of honouring and navigating the more chaotic and intense elements of our being with more grace and understanding. I dive into the 4 different women you become every month during your cycle and how to set your life up in a way that honors and respects these sacred rhythms. And finally we dive into the glorious world of the modern day goddess and how to explore this delicious nature in ways that coincide with our day to day lives.


Quarter 4: Partnership Essentials- The Path Of C0-creating Longterm Relationship Happiness and Fulfillment .


During these 12 weeks is designed to dive into the elements required to maintain a magically fulfilling relationship long term. We also dive into the conversation of sexuality and sacred sexuality as a intimate practice in relationship in this course. Along with tools and areas of exploration that keep a relationship fresh, cohesive, fulfilling and truly enjoyable long term. In other words how the sacred goddess dances with the sacred warrior in harmonious partnership!


In between each quarter we take a week off, for integration and time to catch up on any course material before we begin the next quarter.