Kelsey Grant | Group Coaching Agreements

Group Coaching Agreements


Coaching Agreements:


1. You agree above all else to be coachable.


Your willingness to show up, be open, receptive and take the coaching is essential to producing your intended results. Without a willingness to be coachable there is not much I, or anyone else for that matter, can do for you. It all starts with you.


2. Leaving you feeling better off is my end game.


Which is why in my sessions with you I will strive to create the conditions for you to leave your sessions feeling understood, supported, accepted, inspired and hopeful. My intention is through working together you uncover your true capabilities in love and relationships, feel confident in your ability to stay true to what you want, honour your needs, be willing to be bold and go after any dream or possibility that your heart desires, you learn on a deep level that all things are figure-out-able and that change is possible through consistent effort.


I am committed to showing you how simple, maintainable shifts paired with commitment and empowered belief lay the foundation for healthy love and partnership to clearly emerge. I am passionate about leading you to learn just how freeing self-awareness can be when approached from a place of positivity, vitality, compassion and love. All things are possible in love and relationships when your willingness to be seen, vulnerable and honest is alive and vibrant within you.


3. I always have your best interests at heart.


In our sessions together I will be assisting you in accessing greater clarity, heightening your self awareness, opening up to different perspectives, establishing renewed confidence, self-expression, self-belief and self-worth, replacing rigid outdated and ineffective habits or thought patterns with new and simple habits that contribute to your overall well-being, dissolving the negative emotional charges you hold to your past and any other processes that contribute towards assisting you in getting unstuck.


I will be encouraging you in a big way to explore new frameworks of perception, new actionables and new ways of being to assist you in opening to more happiness, connection and fulfilment. Your sessions will require us to explore many layers of who you are and you can trust that I will guide you through the exact process you need for your highest good and growth in a way that leaves you feeling balanced, respected, supported, energized and complete.


3. I have high expectations- for your highest good.


I will be moving you through any obstacles or blocks you have to expressing your potential and capabilities within your relationships and in your life. To do this requires your willingness to be stretched and certain perceptions and habits challenged and shifted.


I expect you to take responsibility for your life and do the work required to have an empowering relationship with your perceptions, your emotions and your heart.


I expect you to complete all love assignments throughout the duration of the course and post the relevant portions of your assignments in the group page.


I expect you will continually practice self-awareness and throughout our time together become more effective at catching your disempowering patterns and resolving them with more ease.


I expect you to be on time, schedule all coaching call dates into your calendar and honor my time and the time of your fellow sisters. If anything comes up and you are unable to honor your word/what you have committed to (whether its homework assignments, future appointments or a payment issue) I expect you to get in communication and let me know.


4. You can count on me:


To show up 100% for you.


To honor and respect your time. I will be ready to start our class for the time it is scheduled.


To be available in between class calls, during office hours, to answer questions you may have via email or in the FB group. Your inquiries will be responded to within 48 hours at the latest.


To create the environment with my energy where you feel safe, relaxed, respected, comfortable and taken care of.


To honor what you truly need- sometimes you will need gentle nurturing, other times you might need a firm stance. But everything I do and say will always be rooted in love.


To call you on your BS. I won’t entertain the things that are keeping you playing small.


To interrupt any negative creating.


To be firm and loving.


To assist you in moving through your “stuff” as painlessly and effectively as possible.


To be open, vulnerable and transparent- I’m not perfect and I teach and coach through my own experiences and triumphs. I will only take you to places that I’m not only willing to go myself but have already been to and have come out the other side successfully.


To believe in you 100%, to relate to you as your greatness and create the space in order that your true self can emerge with confidence.


To keep growing. My growth is linked to yours, the more I grow, learn and expand the better coach, teacher and leader I become. I am the clearing for your potential to rise within our sessions. I deeply value my own growth, self-awareness and willingness to be supported so that I can create the proper conditions for your growth to expand and flourish during our time together.


5. You can’t count on me:


To accept excuses.


To chase you.


To do the work for you or give you the answers that you are meant to uncover.


To entertain any version of playing the victim or negative self-talk.


6. Payment


Your course tuition must be paid prior to your coaching group’s start date. If you are on a payment plan your first payment is due minimum 24 hours before the first module is sent out (3 days before your first scheduled call).


If you are on a payment plan and you miss your scheduled payment date you will not receive the upcoming modules until your agreement is restored and back in integrity.


Payment is a form of commitment, it illustrates your willingness to play full out. Both of us can be at ease when all payment agreements are honored and upheld with integrity before we begin our journey together. Your payment becomes your investment, not only financially but emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. When we are invested we are more likely to do what it takes to cause the results we desire. When you are ready, when the investment is made, we will begin.


In the event of an emergency I am willing to make possible exceptions depending on the circumstances.


I do not offer refunds simply because I am committed to causing results. I am all in, ready, willing and capable of doing what it takes to leave you feeling freed up, fulfilled, empowered and deeply certain of just how capable you are in love. I am happy to have an initial conversation prior to purchasing a coaching package to answer your questions and to ensure working together is in the highest good of all involved.


7. Participation Expectations, Missed Sessions and Removal/Termination Policy.


To maintain cohesiveness in the small coaching groups your presence truly matters. I understand life happens and three months is a long stretch of time, as such each woman is permitted to miss up to 3 coaching calls in the span of the 12 weeks of your course. If you miss more than 3 sessions you will be removed from the program and the group without a refund.


If you do need to miss a session email or phone communication is required 24 hours in advance. Consideration to the group and your sisterhood would look like giving them the heads up in a message in the private group page in addition to your communication with me.


To ensure you receive the greatest benefit from the course and the group of women you are on this journey with full participation is encouraged. This looks like reading and completing the module as best you can prior to the coaching call. As you bring your willingness and vulnerability to your group and explore the areas of your life in which the modules lessons are relevant, you give the other women in the group full permission to show up 100%, bare their hearts and speak their truth. How you show up, impacts and influences the entire groups success- you are that powerful.


8. My Toolkit


My degree in sociology, gender and sexuality studies, a background in NLP, practical coaching training, psycho-spiritual healing methodology, numerology, Vedic astrology, energy healing and mindfulness training and the wisdom of the Enneagram all combined together, provide me with an extensive depth of perspective and depending on what you need I will draw from these modalities to assist you in having the breakthroughs you are committed to.


9. My Values


These are guiding principles that influence my life and my coaching practice:















I believe my experience is your experience and my growth is linked to yours.


I believe in exploring the world of intuition and spirituality and balancing that wisdom with the knowledge of our logic and reasoning. I believe the sweet spot of true authentic influence and power resides in our ability to integrate all aspects of who we are and become more comfortable honouring the duality residing within us. I believe the darkness and the light have incredible lessons to teach us and our willingness to honour the darkness/light, masculine/feminine, logic/intuition, head/heart is at the core of our fulfilment and ultimate connection with ourselves and each other.


I have learned through my depth of experience how to navigate the darkest and most challenging aspects of love and relationships through establishing balance, self-confidence, self-esteem and self-love. As a result I have come out the other side of these challenges with a deeper sense of purpose, alignment and soul fulfilment.


I have come to learn that we can only ever change the potential and outcome of our relationships by transforming ourselves, our own internal world, shifting our perceptions from fear to love and letting down the guard that keeps true, authentic heart opening connection from forming and thriving.


I believe there is no right or wrong way and that everything is happening for you and your greatest growth.


I believe that every relationship we have is an access point to knowing ourselves better and when we know who we are at the core we have the power to design our reality and life in a way that harmonizes with our greatest potential in love and life. I believe we thrive in life by living in love, and that true leadership is a result of learning to lead with love, compassion and forgiveness.


Now that you are clear about who I am, what I stand for and what to expect, if this aligns with you I am so excited to get started.


Contact me at to take the next step!