Kelsey Grant | How To Stop The 3 Sneaky Ways We Push Love And Abundance Away
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How To Stop The 3 Sneaky Ways We Push Love And Abundance Away


How To Stop The 3 Sneaky Ways We Push Love And Abundance Away

Posted by radicalselflove in Relationships, Self Love 101, Spirituality 01 Apr 2015

It’s fairly safe to say that many of us share a common love of abundance and connectivity with others. Of course, this isn’t the case for every human on the planet, but a strong likelihood for anyone who is reading this post.


What we don’t always see are our blind spots, which is why they are called blind spots. These are the behaviours, ideas, beliefs, energies and habits that repel the things we desire the most. In this case, I’m talking about love and abundance.


Our ability to ALLOW love in is directly correlated to our ability to ALLOW abundance in.


If we hold a deep-seated belief we aren’t worthy of love or happiness we are going to unconsciously sabotage any hopes of long-term happiness. And how we operate in one area of life is how we operate in all areas of life. If we push love away or block it we likely are also pushing away or blocking the massive flow of abundance that seriously wants to make its way into your experience.


Three Sneaky Ways We Push Love and Abundance Away and How To Stop Them.


1. Stop trying to go at everything alone.

Yes, it’s important to be independent, know who you are, what you stand for and what you want out of life. However, taken too far, extreme independence can morph into an “I don’t need anyone” attitude or an “I can do everything myself” perspective, both which are buzz killers when it comes to love, companionship and yup, you guessed it abundance.


Let’s unpack this quickly.


You pushing support from others away gives off the exact signal you want it to which is “I don’t need anyone, I don’t need anything, I am fine alone.” The Universal energies abide by the dominant frequency you are giving off. If you think you don’t need anyone or anything the Universe will see to it that things like connection, love and abundance keep their distance since they are not welcome in your experience.


# 2. Stop diminishing the little things.

Every time you minimize the positive impact you have made, or the difference you make to others you give up a piece of your power. When someone offers you a genuine compliment and you diminish it by saying something to the effect of “Oh, it was nothing, it was no big deal.” you place blocks in your way.


If you collect enough of these energetic blocks eventually you cut off the flow of goodness. If what you want deep down is to experience the flow of goodness in all its magnificent forms, you have to resist the urge to diminish your accomplishments, your significance and the gift you are to the world. Every time you are tempted to diminish, stop yourself, and instead remind yourself: “It is safe to receive” and say out loud “Thank you.”


#3. Stop deflecting.

Deflecting often goes hand in hand with diminishing. When we deflect we take the focus off of ourselves and redirect it to someone else or something else. What this communicates unconsciously is that we don’t think we are worthy of the spotlight. We don’t think we are deserving of such positive attention. When these deep-seated beliefs influence our behaviour in the form of deflecting and diminishing, we send out a clear message to the Universe to not send us anyone or anything that might increase our visibility in the world. When we are wrapped up in lack and limitation our scope of influence is greatly diminished. However, when we are thriving in love and abundance the energy we give off does allow us to be seen on a greater level.


You hold all the power to open up to great love and experience the never-ending abundant flow of prosperity. Attracting great love and abundance will require you giving up attachments to beliefs, behaviours and actions that keep you stuck. The process may even be incredibly uncomfortable at times as you grow into your potential and expand your capacity for feeling good. And let’s be honest those aren’t good enough reasons to NOT give love your all, or to NOT be willing to create the creations for abundance to thrive in your life.


We give up the right to complain and bemoan about our experience of reality if we are not willing to DO anything different to change our circumstances. All the time we talk about our problems is time we could be using to invest into building abundant mindsets, learning effective communication techniques and dissolving the blocks we have to the abundant flow of love.


If you are struggling to stop the self-sabotage or if you find yourself settling for less than you know deep in your heart you deserve, work with me, I can help.


It is your birthright to experience joy, connection and mega abundance. It requires your participation though. If you aren’t quite ready for the 1-1 experience or just need a little jumpstart ask yourself “What can I do right now to welcome more love and abundance into my life?” Then LISTEN to the guidance. It’s your first step towards a new and love filled reality!


Looking for love in all the wrong places? I wrote a book for you- Sabotaged Love: The 12 Archetypes Keeping You From The Love You Want and if you are looking to thrive in life by living and leading with love, HIRE Me.Your heart will be so glad you did.

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