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                                      That woman is me, Kelsey Grant.


Kelsey Grant Radical Self Love

I’m self expressed, silly, playful, kind, weird, compassionate, smart, present and have the ability to rock the radical real talk when it’s required.

A trip to KG land is a most expressive adventure full of sparkles, rainbows, unicorns and some serious heart blasting, paradigm shifting, information and experiences. I don’t take life too seriously and I encourage all my peeps to lighten up a little and enjoy this ride called life. There is a time to be serious and a time to play. Most of us are really good at being serious and need a little inspiration and reminder of what it means to play in these adult bodies, rock out a life on purpose and vibe in bliss as often as we possibly can.

I have been blessed with a beautiful talent for writing heart opening and soul activating music.

I use the healing vibrations of my original music within my company and within my programs as a way to anchor in the lessons of self love and positive relationships. I strongly believe what we put out is returned back and this is why we are solely focused on putting our best foot and vibe forward all the time. Every single paid program, product, service or event within RSL is attached to a charitable initiative. More details in our Contribution section.

I have what some may call an “unconventional” coaching style.

I have invested years into learning and developing as a coach and acquiring skills which make me adaptable and expansive in a coaching, facilitating and teaching capacity. I believe there are many different ways to learn and humans are flexible, fluid creatures who by nature desire learning environments which embrace the expansiveness and diversity of our being. Meaning no two people are the same so in session I will dive into my coaching “toolbox” and only choose methods conducive to the individuals greatest growth.


Up close and personal details to put those minds and hearts at ease:


I’m a Radical Self Love coach, writer, facilitator and musician. I’m an expert in conversations of the self love variety and I’m super passionate about creating game changing love filled relationships.


I believe in the goodness of the human experience. I’m a positive, rainbow loving, straight shooting, compassionate soul sista whose intention is to beam more love,intimacy and inspiration into the world. I believe we all have a deep desire to love and be loved. That’s what I’m here to help you learn.


I believe life is a series of learning curves and every experience holds value. A juicy nugget to our personal freedom, our self expression and our ability to give and receive love freely is learning through contrast and bliss. I’m explore this territory openly and in a fun, fierce and compassionate way.


I’m not on board with you playing small. Plain and simple. I know you are brilliant and I will not let you get away with anything less than being the amazing bombshell of a human you are. I will call you to step into your greatness and shine like the beauty you are.


My goal is to inspire millions of women and men to learn to love themselves more. I have a keen interest assisting you in unlocking all the barriers you’ve have placed in your way that stop you from fully enjoying the experience of true love and being fully alive in all your epic glory. I’m here to help you breakthrough all the crap that holds you back- the limitations, the frustrations, the challenges and offer alternative perspectives which will guide you back to enhancing the most important relationship-the one you have with yourself.


My 1-1 clients are successful women who are the responsible type. The kind of woman who is always stepping up her game, understands the value of balance and has hit a road block in relationships, in her business or in her life and is willing to do what it takes to get back in a high vibe. My clients are willing to do the work to get to the root and are on board for a Radical Self Love life makeover.


I believe love is the only thing that is real. All else is a distraction set in place to teach us valuable lessons and ultimately lead us to ourselves. Thus I coach to illuminate the distinction between fear and love, our ego and our hearts. My practical training shows up and so does my intuitive side.


I believe everything is interconnected and have a talent in seeing the links that a lot of people miss. I’m an expert in interpreting omens, messages from the universe and tapping into the Universal psychic energy for your highest good and the highest good of all involved.


I love people, I love teaching, I love learning and I’m friggin stoked about living in a world where people are in love with themselves, their lives and living on purpose. I’m here to help make that happen.


Everything I teach I live. I experience everything I teach first hand. I write, create and produce all of my content. I believe being authentic, honest and a stand up human being. I am the same on stage as I am off stage. Vulnerability and authenticity are at the top of my value tree. I expect you to dive to the depths of your being and so I lead by example by going there first.


I am a student of life. I am constantly learning and immersing myself inside of content to keep growing and evolving. I have a team of coaches, mentors and advisors to support me in growing and being on top of my game. I show up for life so I can show up for you.


I have a BA in Sociology, Gender and Sexuality. I’ve rocked extensive personal development and coaching training through Landmark Education, I am a current student of A Course in Miracles, an intuitive healer, have trained and completed courses with leaders such as Bob Proctor, Mary Morrissey, Abraham-Hicks, Gabby Bernstein, Kyle Cease, Doreen Virtue, Brad Morris, Caroline Myss, Byron Katie, Wayne Dyer and countless others. For the past 6 years I have been writing, leading and facilitating women’s sacred circles, Goddess Workshops and Sacred Feminine Courses. I love learning and I love sharing ancient wisdom with those who are open to the message.

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