Kelsey Grant | Praise





“Kelsey Grant is sure to wow you with her brilliant wisdom, inspiration and coaching skills. Her authentic advice and warm, inviting energy make her an absolute pleasure to work with.

I have gained invaluable insight on cultivating awareness and self love into everyday life from Kelsey’s coaching. This gem of a woman comes highly recommended.”

-Olivia Keane, Co-Founder Keane to Be Fit




“I have had the extreme pleasure of having Kelsey as a coach and mentor for the last couple of years. Her straight talk combined with her playful style and loving heart have had me loving my own heart more than I could ever have imagined. I am the best version of me that I have ever been. Working with her will change your life and bring all the things that you love into it…  I learned to love me. Thanks KG.”

-Mark Groves, Relationship Coach




“This radically self expressed human being listens with love, deflates drama, and is passionate about coaching. Her authenticity and compassion allowed me to work the muscles of self love, vulnerability and trust. By the completion of the 30 day Radical Self Love Coaching Intensive Program I could see the results of building a strong foundation of love within. Love is at the core of your being! Thank you Kelsey Grant for coaching me to rediscover the love and light that was waiting to shine!”

-Rima Chowdhury, Yoga Therapist

Adr-RSL2“Kelsey has been a beacon of love and light in my life from the day I met her. Her coaching has been instrumental in keeping me on track with my dreams and in love with my life. She teaches from a space of unconditional love and acceptance and has never once let me give up on myself. Her desire to make a positive difference in peoples lives is second to none. She is a powerhouse of positive energy and always finds the right thing to say to give you that nudge you need. Her intuition is bang on and her passion is fierce, she is a fighter and she will not let you fail. I am blessed to know her personally and professionally. Without her, I can honestly say my life would not be the same. I am grateful for her continuous commitment to the growth of those around her, for her wealth of knowledge and her limitless love.”

-Adrienne Nye, Actor

MAR_5746“Through taking 1 on 1 coaching with Kelsey, my path and passion for life has been reinvigorated to its peak potential. Kelsey is the most powerful person and coach I have ever worked with. She is the possibility of love, listening and guidance. I have always had all the answers to my challenges and Kelsey has an incredible gift of helping to course correct back to the true authentic answer you had buried inside yourself all along.”

-Andrew Dunn, Chef’s Apprentice


Mich-RSL2From RSL’s Seven Levels of Forgiveness Course:

Kelsey Grant through each of your weekly teachings of extraordinary encouragement and love, along side my sisters in the group, I have learned that baby steps and commitment are the only ways to implement real, grounded change, that nothing I ever accomplish is ever done all on my own, and that Radical Self Love and forgiveness is truly the beginning of the most powerful and incredible step of action one can take in their life. Last night, following the completion of the RSL Forgiveness Course, I held a sacred burning ceremony for the 49 pages I wrote out a little over a year and a half ago. They were filled with every painful experience and story that I had experienced in this lifetime. I have been holding onto this manuscript of pages like some sort of accomplishment and had no idea the weight I was carrying around, until this course. Last night I released them all though the sacred act of burning them. As I lit each page on fire I spoke and sang aloud: “I release you, I forgive you, I set you free”. Twenty three minutes and forty four seconds later I was watching the ashes disperse amongst the earth, the grass and the trees. My spirit felt lighter, my soul was set free, and I laughed out loud like a child gazing up to the sky and admiring all the stars. It was in that moment I whispered the words: “I am made up of shattered stardust and I can make all my dreams come true”. 

There really are no words to express the joy I am feeling or the gratitude in my heart. On day one of this incredible course, I set my intentions: To learn how to love myself more, allow myself to be loved and cared for, honour my self worth, gain more self confidence and re-build my self esteem. Today, seven weeks later, I can honestly say I am doing just that. And then some..

-Michelle Nadon, Artist