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At RSL we are constantly growing and evolving our content to support you in the expansion of your life journey. We believe in providing loads and heaps of value and making information super accessible.


We have a mix of free materials and paid materials. Our paid materials range in price to accommodate the varying needs within the tribe. We make our info really accessible so you have the tools to love yourself to the greatest of your capabilities.


When you love yourself you make this world a better place, and guess what? That makes my world a better place. My life is enhanced when you are lit up and living your highest expression. When one person wins we all win. This is the power of love.

There is something for everyone regardless of where you are on your journey.

What is available:

Free Content:

* Regular Written Blogs (Daily on the 365 RSL Project Blog) Weekly on this site.

* 7 Day Radical Self Love Challenge

* Facebook Community

* Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest

Paid Content:

* Monthly Live Workshops

* Monthly Virtual Workshops.

* 30 Day Radical Self Love Program

* 30 Minute RSL Reset Coaching

* 30 Day RSL Coaching Intensive

What we are bringing for 2014

* The Radical Self Love Starter Kit

* Weekly Radical Self Love videos- Quick weekly videos with juicy self love tips,
nuggets for success and simple and practical how to’s for increasing your self love.

* Ebooks- “The Conscious Breakup: 15 Steps to Heal Your Heart and Set Yourself Free”. “From Breakup to Breakthrough- A Journey of Radical Self Love”.

* Online and Live Courses- Relationships, Love and Self Love.

It’s all comin atcha! Stay tuned by signing up for regular RSL updates.