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Kelsey Grant

Songwriter, Creative Mentor + Love Alchemist. 


Welcome to the space where all facets of my creativity and creative expression bloom. 

I am a writer. 
I am a songwriter. 
I am a singer.
I am a musician. 
I AM a transmission artist. 

I am also a mentor and guide for artists who are here to do BIG things and desire to be deeply aligned through each chapter of their creative journey.

For the last 18 years I have been deeply immersed in my path of creative artistry and mastery. 


It has taken about 10 years to really flush out and figure out who I am as an artist, songwriter and creative. 

I have loved every twist and turn along the way. 

The path has enriched the journey. 


I would have LOVED a mentor like me when I was starting out. 


Someone to teach me about alignment so that the choices I made would be rooted in integrity. 

Someone to explain my cosmic blueprint so that I could understand my unique skills, talents and gifts more clearly. 

Someone to guide the process of building confidence, worth and UNFUCKABLEWITH boundaries and standards. 

Someone who cared deeply and SAW the potency of the medicine in my music and would help me carve my own unique spot in a wildly saturated industry. 
Someone who would stand for me stepping into my most BOLD self-expression and writing the songs that were true for me to write (and not push me to become another bland cookie cutter pop tart if pop tart wasn't my deepest truth). 

Someone who could guide the path with all its twists and turns, ups and downs, wins and disappointments- and still remind me the art is worth it all. 

Someone who could teach me to be deeply landed in my body, attuned and connected so I could learn to trust myself, my instincts and my intuition without question. 

Someone who was willing to challenge me and not let me get away with mediocrity, doing half ass work or running amok in my ego. 

Someone who would truly support me in BOLDLY BLOSSOMING into the artist I was BORN to be.